A successful history

We are the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world. Our roots date back to the year 1668.
In order to share and document the company's history, we offer access to external visitors and researchers to the following resources at the site premises: 
Archive and historical library
Sources include about 2,000 meters of hand-written and printed archive material, such as letter, contacts, patents, laboratory journals, manufacturing specifications and advestisement. The oldest documents are about 400 years old. There are over 150,000 photos and films illustrating the last 150 years of corporate history.
The reference library contains more than 8,000 books and an extensive collection of journals. There is an extremely wide variety of topics, ranging from recipe and herb books of the 15th century to expert literature on corporate strategy of the 21st century.
Museum and event rooms
The museum, which features a well-stocked exhibition, the history of the company is presented as a precondition for today's success. It makes day-to-day activities in a company understandable – starting with the work in the pharmacy and industrial researchproduction and administration all the way to company sports, the cafeteria or the daycare center.
In addition, rooms are available for lectures small symposia and educational  museum events.


Merck 101084.1000 | Aluminium chloride hexahydrate suitable for use as excipient EMPROVE® exp Ph Eur,BP,USP 1KG

Merck 101084 kodlu 1 kilogramlık ambalaj. Farma kalite olup, özellikle ilaç sektöründe üretim çalışmalarında kullanılmak üzere üretilmiş saflıktadır.

1.033,03 TL

Merck 100844.2500 | Ethanolamine suitable for use as excipient 2,5L

Merck marka 100844 kodlu 2,5 litrelik ambalajdır. İlaç üretiminde kullanılabilir saflıktadır.

915,71 TL

Merck 814483.1000 | Amidosulfuric acid for synthesis 1 KG

Merck 814483.1000, 1 kilogramlık ambalaj

328,60 TL

Merck 170369.0100 | Zinc ICP standard 1000 mg/l Zn 100ML

Merck 170369 kodlu 100 ml'lik ICP standart çözeltisi.

1.064,01 TL

Merck 119806.0500 | Zinc standard solution traceable 1000 mg/l Zn 500ML

Merck 119806 kodlu 500 mililitrelik çinko standard solüsyonu.

347,24 TL

Merck 115943.0025 | Methylene blue (C.I.52015) 25G

Merck marka 115943 kodlu 25 gramlık ambalajdır. Laboratuarda indikatör olarak, mikroskopi çalışmalarında boyar madde olarak, mikrobiyolojide yardımcı ajan olarak kullanılabilir.

532,99 TL

Merck 109991.0001 | Zinc sulfate solution for 1000 ml, (0.1 N) Titrisol

Merck 109991 kodlu 1 litrelik solüsyon hazırlamak için 0,1N titrisol.

293,92 TL

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